Fairfax Democrats Endorse candidates for School Board, Soil & Water Conservation District Director

The members of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee voted to endorse candidates for the following positions:
School Board At-Large (3 candidates)
District School Board Member (9 candidates)
Soil & Water Conservation District Director (3 candidates)


Congratulations to our endorsed candidates!

School Board At-Large:

Abrar Omeish
Karen Keys-Gamarra
Rachna Sizemore Heizer

Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District Director:

Gerald Peters
Monica Billger
Chris Koerner

District School Board Candidates:

District Candidate
Braddock Megan McLaughlin
Hunter Mill Melanie Meren
Dranesville Elaine Tholen
Lee Tamara Derenak Kaufax
Mason Ricardy Anderson
Mt. Vernon Karen Corbett Sanders
Providence Karl Frisch
Springfield Laura Jane Cohen
Sully Stella Pekarsky

Every candidate seeking the FCDC Endorsement has campaigned with vigor and enthusiasm. We are fortunate to have such candidates seek our endorsement. Running for office is a challenge and a sacrifice, albeit a rewarding one, and we thank all the candidates who stepped up to represent us.

A special thanks to School Board Member At-Large Ilryong Moon for his 20 years of service, which will continue through this year and into 2020. His thoughtfulness, spirit and compassion are great assets.

Thank you to Richard Clayton for bringing his energy and ideas to the race.

Thank you to the district School Board candidates Andy Sigle of Hunter Mill, Jessica Swanson of Mason, Jung Byun of Providence and Robert Walter of Springfield, who did not receive the endorsement but have been team players committed to supporting our candidates into November.

Thank you to the Voting Process Directors Donna Rostant and Bryan Graham, and the Tellers who helped check in members during five days of voting.

Thank you to the District Committee Chairs who handled the unprecedented influx of new members, and finally thank you to the Lake Braddock Secondary School staff who were so accommodating to us on three meeting occasions.

Seeking the FCDC endorsement is not required of candidates, but those who do choose to seek it enter into an agreement that they will not be a candidate for that same office in November.

With the endorsement comes a great deal of resources that FCDC has to offer, which will significantly increase the candidate’s chance of winning the general election. Most importantly, you will see our endorsed candidates featured on our sample ballots which will be distributed at the polls this November.