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Last updated January 24, 2024

Steering Committee

The Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) Steering Committee is the central organization that coordinates the work of the County, District and Standing Committees. Steering Committee meets once per month on the second Tuesday.

The Steering Committee is made up of all elected officers of the County Committee, the Chairs of the nine District Committees, the Chairs of the Standing Committees and caucuses, the highest ranking officers of the three Congressional District Democratic Committees with boundaries inside Fairfax County (8th, 10th, 11th), a representative from the Fairfax Young Democrats, the immediate past Chair of FCDC, and any member of the State Steering Committee that is also an FCDC Member.

FCDC Headquarters
8500 Executive Park Ave
Suite 402
Fairfax, VA  22031 (map)

M-F 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Contact Information
Office: (703) 573-6811

Aaron Yohai

FCDC County Chair

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Executive Director

Regional Vice Chairs

Stephanie Sedgwick

(Hunter Mill, Dranesville, Sully)

Stephanie Sedgwick

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(Braddock, Mason, Providence)

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(Franconia, Mount Vernon, Springfield)

Marlon Dubuisson

FCDC Officers

Andrew Scalise


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Assistant Treasurer

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Recording Secretary

Tina Barchik

Corresponding Secretary

Vice Chairs


Nadja Golding & Maggie Godbold

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Diversity & Outreach

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Precinct Operations

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Voter Registration & Education

Peggy Morrison & Camila Alfonzo Meza

Magisterial District Chairs

Fairfax County has nine Magisterial Districts, each with an elected Supervisor and School Board Representative. In FCDC, each Magisterial District has a Democratic Committee that operates within it. These organizations host events, campaign for candidates, and operate year-round to organize for the Democratic Party.

Do you know what Magisterial District you live in? Click here to find out!

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Richard Weiss &
Marguerite Wiese

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Hunter Mill

Susan Pederson
& Richard Chew

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Mount Vernon

Gina Medsker &
Cisco Minthorn

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Abby Sugrue & Matthew Savage

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Standing Committee Chairs

FCDC has a number of Standing Committees that cover various issues and topics of interest within the County Committee.

Greg Brandon

Central Communications

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Election Law & Voter Protection

Mary Tycz


Sandra Klassen

National Affairs

Ken Sandler


Deborah Woolen

State & Local Affairs

Caucus Chairs

Caucuses within the FCDC are organizations that are not organized around a specific cause or issue, but represent historically underrepresented constituencies that share inherent and/or immutable traits.

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50+ Caucus

Asian & Pacific Islander (API) Caucus

Sabrina Mattin & Reggie Meneses


Black Caucus

Labor Caucus


Latino Caucus

No Image Available

Pride Caucus

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Veterans & Military Families Caucus

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Women Caucus

Kristie Small & Jennifer Bond

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Youth Caucus

Congressional District Committee Representatives

Rose Chu

8th Congressional District

Kimberly Davis

10th Congressional District

Manisha Singh

11th Congressional District

Other Members of Steering

Bryan Graham

Immediate Past FCDC Chair

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Virginia Young Democrats President

Appointed Non-Steering Positions

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Donna Rostant

General Counsel

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Communications Advisor


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Susan Johnson

VAN Administrator