A Letter from the Chair

It was no surprise that George Allen won the Republican nomination to run against former Governor Tim Kaine for the Senate seat vacated by Jim Webb.  Allen had the name recognition and fundraising ability to dominate the others in the field.  However, as in the primary process for the Presidency, conservative candidates drove to the extreme right in order to maintain the support of the dedicated social conservatives and Tea Partiers.

Allen will try to tack back to the center during the general election.  The Republican establishment in Virginia has been dominated by the down-state social conservatives who even forced Republican Governor McDonnell to support extreme positions on women’s reproductive rights.  It is clear Virginia Republicans are focused on an ideological agenda and will expect Allen to do the same.

Virginians need to consider what sending a benighted ideologue like Allen to the Senate would do to continuing the stalemate.  Allen would likely join with the foolish obstructionists whose announced goal is to block any attempts at the bi-partisan collaboration required to address the issues of jobs, the economy, environmental policy, and education.

Virginia has benefited from a series of moderate-pragmatic leaders such as John Warner, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, and Jim Webb.  Tim Kaine will keep America on the path towards responsive government and a healthy business environment that maintains Virginia values and quality of life.  Governor Kaine is the right choice for Virginia.

Cesar del Aguila

Chair, Fairfax County Democratic Committee
Falls Church, Virginia