June 21, 2023

Contact: Dominic Thompson, Executive Director

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FCDC Announces 2023 Democratic Primary Results

FAIRFAX COUNTY – With the 2023 Democratic Primary coming to a close, the Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) is proud to announce our Democratic Nominees on the ballot this November. With the Democratic primary over, FCDC will turn its attention to winning all 50 seats up for election, including the only two currently held by Republicans; Clerk of the Court and the Board of Supervisors for Springfield District.

Regarding the Democratic primary, FCDC Chair Bryan Graham states “I personally thank every candidate who ran in the Democratic primary this year. Primaries allow us to choose the strongest candidates to lead us into the November elections.”

“Regarding the attempts by the Fairfax County Republican Committee and the Republican Party of Virginia to interfere in the Democratic primary, I am disturbed by this unprecedented meddling. Democratic voters deserve to know their nominees were chosen by them and not bad faith actors. Fairfax Democrats look forward to delivering our affirmative vision for Fairfax County’s economy, education, and safety to the voters as we fight against the disastrous Youngkin agenda and win again this November.”

The winning primary candidates known so far are:

Senate District 33 – Hon. Jennifer Carroll Foy
Senate District 35 – Sen. Dave Marsden
Senate District 36 – Hon. Stella Pekarsky
Senate District 37 – Saddam Salim
House District 7 – Hon. Karen Keys-Gamarra
House District 15 – Hon. Laura Jane Cohen
Sheriff – Hon.Stacey Kincaid

Commonwealth Attorney – Hon. Steve Descano
Board of Supervisors, Chair – Hon. Jeff McKay
Board of Supervisors, Dranesville – Jimmy Bierman
Board of Supervisors, Mason – Andres Jimenez
Board of Supervisors, Mt Vernon – Hon. Dan Storck
Board of Supervisors, Springfield – Albert Vega

Rozia Henson, Jr. is leading in House District 19, but the count is currently still too close to call.

The following Democratic Nominees were not contested in the June 20th Democratic primary:

Senate District 34 – Sen. Scott Surovell
Senate District 38 – Sen. Jennifer Boysko
Senate District 39 – Sen. Adam Ebbin
House District 4 – Del. Charniele Herring
House District 6 – Del. Rip Sullivan
House District 8 – Del. Irene Shin
House District 9 – Del. Karrie Delaney
House District 10 – Del. Dan Helmer

House District 11 – Del. David Bulova
House District 12 – Del. Holly Seibold
House District 13 – Del. Marcus Simon
House District 14 – Del. Vivian Watts
House District 16 – Del. Paul Krizek
House District 17 – Del. Mark Sickles
House District 18 – Del. Kathy Tran

Board of Supervisors, Braddock – Hon. James Walkinshaw
Board of Supervisors, Franconia – Hon. Rodney Lusk
Board of Supervisors, Hunter Mill – Hon. Walter Alcorn

Board of Supervisors, Providence – Hon. Dalia Palchik
Board of Supervisors, Sully – Hon. Kathy Smith

Going into the November elections, FCDC and our Democratic nominees will focus on delivering continued positive results to the voters of Fairfax County. We encourage voters to visit and to learn more about our party, the candidates, and the upcoming elections. 


Correction: a previous version of this statement had listed an incorrect winner for Senate District 37.