Your New 2012 Congressional Districts

As a result of Virginia’s Congressional redistricting, you may find yourself voting in a different Congressional District this November.  Click here for a map of Fairfax County’s new Congressional Districts.
For a listing of the new voting precincts and their new Congressional Districts, click here.  Many of Fairfax County’s precincts were also changed last year, so your polling place may have changed.  Not sure which precinct you’re in?  Enter your address on the State Board of Elections website here and click “Districts.”  To find out which district your precinct is located in, click here.
Democratic Candidates by District
8th Congressional District: Jim Moran
10th Congressional District: Kristin Cabral
11th Congressional District: Gerry Connolly
One Virginia U.S. Senate race is on the ballot in 2012: Tim Kaine is the Democratic candidate for Senate.