FCDC Condemns Delegate Albo's Comments

Click here to view the press release condemning Del. Albo’s comments on the House floor

FALLS CHURCH – After a week of making Virginia a punchline on national television, Fairfax
Delegate Dave Albo thought it was a good time to discuss his personal life on the floor of the
House of Delegates. Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair Cesar Del Aguila condemned
Delegate Albo’s speech:

“Republican efforts to force women to have transvaginal ultrasounds has made Virginia a
laughingstock. To Delegate Albo, women’s health is not a serious issue, but a punch line, and the
floor of the House of Delegates is a locker room, where men can swap jokes about their wives. It is
deeply disturbing that in the 21st century, members of the House of Delegates still seem to believe
that women are second-class citizens, and that the House of Delegates is a good old boy club.
Delegate Albo owes an apology to all of the women in Virginia.”
“I wonder what Dave Albo was thinking, but the answer is, he wasn’t,” said Margi Vanderhye,
Chair of FCDC’s Women’s Action Committee. “His floor speech is another embarrassment for
Virginia in a week full of demeaning examples of legislative overreach that have put Virginia in
the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Dave may have enjoyed his ‘point of personal
privilege’ moment, but the women of Virginia are not laughing, and no one is amused by the
cumulative damage to our state’s image.”

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