Letter to Congressman Wolf about the Stimulus Plan

Dear Congressman Frank Wolf,
We need to think about our Nations’ citizens who are in need of jobs to support their families and provide food and shelter for them – we need new infrastructure and innovative industries that sustain well paying jobs in the short term and the long term.   We need to think about our childrens’ future and give them well trained teachers and good schools suited for today and future technologies and sciences. We need to think about our community safety and continuity in our civil services such as police force, firemen, libraries and local government services.  We need solutions for today’s challenges.  The old economic methods such as tax cuts will not do it anymore – as it did not work the last time around.
The Economic Recovery Plan put forth by President Obama is our only chance to get our economy fueled and moving forward, equipped with what is needed to effectively run our country.
As a concerned citizen, parent and a resident of Loudoun County, I respectfully ask of you to give your full support and pass the stimulus package within the guidelines and time frame President Obama has put forth. In addition to your full support, I ask you to strongly encourage other Congressmen and the “Nay Sayers” to follow suit.