Local Democrats Commit to All-out Pursuit of Electoral Sweep November 5

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Local Democrats Commit to All-out Pursuit of Electoral Sweep November 5
Coordinated Campaigns are Launched, Staffed

FAIRFAX – The Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) and Jeff McKay for Chairman have launched a joint field effort to help drive Democratic candidates to victory on November 5. This joint undertaking, called “Fighting for Fairfax,” is the most comprehensive campaign support initiative in the party’s history.

Fighting for Fairfax augments the existing paid communication and absentee voting effort (the “FCDC Joint Campaign”) that already supports all 53 Fairfax candidates for the General Assembly, Board of Supervisors, Sheriff, Commonwealth’s Attorney, School Board and the Soil & Water District Board.

Additionally, Fighting for Fairfax is partnering with the Democratic Party of Virginia’s statewide campaign, “Take the Majority,” which helps Democratic candidates for the state legislature in Richmond, in order to ensure that every precinct in Fairfax County is covered.

“Fairfax County is facing a critical election this November,” said Jeff McKay, the Democratic candidate for Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors. “We have an opportunity to send a message and elect an inclusive government that works for all our citizens. I’m proud of the work our FCDC coordinated campaign is doing, and I look forward to delivering a Democratic sweep this November with their help.”

FCDC Chair Dan Lagana said: “Virginia is the rare state that holds elections every year. Energizing our voters to come out to the polls is a continuous challenge. We can’t afford to think of this November as an ‘off-off year election,’” he said, “and so we have redoubled our efforts.”

About the two campaigns:

Fighting for Fairfax is a field operation; the FCDC Joint Campaign is a mailing and literature program.

Jeremy Cullimore, an experienced campaign manager, will lead Fighting for Fairfax. Volunteers will target Democratic voters countywide to get out the vote.

Major elements of this campaign include:

  • Campaign Director and three regional Field Organizers.
  • Three full-time shared campaign offices:
    • South County
    • Fairfax Station
    • Oakton
  • Regularly scheduled: Phone banks and canvassing.
  • Unified literature to support all local Democratic candidates
  • Information and data sharing to maximize efficiency

Fighting for Fairfax is directed by a Task Force of FCDC leadership to provide logistical, operational, and political support.

The Joint Campaign consists of mail and literature distributed to hundreds of thousands of voters in the County, as follows:

1. Back to School Night literature distributed by hundreds of volunteers to inform parents about the upcoming elections and remind them that Democrats are the only party that cares about public education.
2. Young Voter Outreach mailing, already underway, encourages college-age voters to request an absentee ballot.
3. Voter Guide mailed out to thousands of voters, in 76 different versions, explaining which candidates will be on their ballots in November.
4. Absentee Chase program to inform voters of their candidates as soon as they request an absentee ballot, along with tips to make sure their vote is counted
5. Sample Ballots in multiple languages to blanket our 243 precincts and ensure that voters know which candidates are the Democrats.

The team to support our Joint Campaign includes our Vice Chairs, as well as longtime absentee ballot program leaders Rick & Burma Bochner and their team of 30 volunteers working five days a week at FCDC Headquarters.

To volunteer, please visit fairfaxdemocrats.org/2019campaigns.

Twitter: @fight4fairfax

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