2018 Foster Teen Gift Drive

For the past few years, FCDC members and supporters have donated holiday gifts for Fairfax County foster kids. There are hundreds of teens under the authority of the Department of Social Services.  Last year, thanks to your generosity, we were able to donate gifts valuing more than $20,000.
The county social workers have asked the foster teens what they’d like for the holidays if a willing donor could be located. This is where you can help. Nearly 150 foster teens have made wish lists. You may accept either a foster teen’s entire wish list or a portion depending on your budget.
Foster teens are much more likely to be in a county run group home. Sooner than later, foster teens will be facing emancipation. They’ll have to get through post-high school educations on their own. It’s so easy to provide a gift card that will help fund tablets, winter clothes, school team sports equipment, etc.
If you’re interested in being a holiday guardian angel, please contact FCDC at fcdcfosterteens2018@yahoo.com. You will be contacted to finalize sponsorship.
Birthday and graduation gifts are also being covered for the foster teens through these sponsorships. So if you prefer, you could sponsor birthday and graduation gifts for the coming year.
As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child.  Thank you for being part of our village.
Special thanks to our Co-Hosts:
Congressman Don Beyer
Chairman Sharon Bulova