Congratulations to our National Delegates & Electors

Chairman Margo Horner kicks off the 8th Congressional District Convention
On May 14th at our Congressional District conventions, state delegates elected our National delegates who will represent us at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.  Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all those who volunteered, ran, and participated in the process!
We now move on to the June 18th State Convention, where we elect additional National delegates and our three DNC Members.

Congressional District Clinton Delegates Sanders Delegates Elector
8th Cragg Hines Boyd Walker Ginny Peters
Kate Spears Ashley Bynum
Allida Black Mark Wiznitzer
Danielle Simms
Steve Baker
10th Marlene Barney Donna Corbett Kathy Shupe
Denise Pierce Mike Sandler
Anjan Chimaladinne
Chris Petersen
11th Rachel Rifkind Laurie Tyler Dodd Keith Scarborough
Morgan Jameson Sandra J Klassen
Lola Quintela Mike Futrell
Rod Hall