Electing Delegates to the State Democratic Convention

There’s still time to become a state delegate and attend the May 14th & June 18th conventions to cast your votes for national delegates, presidential electors and DNC members.  The forms are available below.  Applicants are first brought on as Alternates and then voted to become Delegates if there are vacancies.  Choose the form for your Congressional District:
8th Congressional District
10th Congressional District
11th Congressional District
Click here for the printable application
Click here for the printable 11th Congressional District form for residents of Fairfax City or Prince William County
The application is for the purpose of filling vacancies which still exist in the Congressional District delegations for each presidential candidate.
State Delegates will elect National Delegates at both the Congressional District and State Conventions (May 14 and June 18).  Those National Delegates will go to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this July and nominate our candidate for President.
For complete details, including information about becoming a National delegate, click here.
If you’d like to run to be a Delegate or Alternate to the Democratic National Convention, or for DNC Member or Elector, use the forms below:
Online National Delegate and Alternate Candidate Pre-filing Form
*National filing forms are submitted to your Congressional District Democratic Committee.  Click below for your district’s website:
8th Congressional District Democratic Committee website
10th Congressional District Democratic Committee website
11th Congressional District Democratic Committee website

Presidential Elector Pre-filing Form
DNC Candidate Pre-filing Form
Click here for more useful convention information