Panel Discussion on Minimum Wage

Raising the Minimum Wage: Why Democrats Should Care About Income Inequality, and What We Can Do About It!
Economic inequality — the gap between the wealthiest and poorest Americans — is at its worst levels in our nation’s history. More and more Americans are struggling to make ends meet, and the American dream may just be out of reach for the next generation. This inequality threatens to undermine our economy, our community and our very democracy.  Yet, a movement is growing to address income inequality. Recently, fast food workers across the country have been speaking out, demanding a living wage. President Obama has called on Congress to pass an increase in the minimum wage. And, in Richmond, the Virginia State Senate passed an increase in the minimum wage (only to see it killed in the tea party-controlled House of Delegates). Please join us March 25th for an engaging discussion with legislators, labor leaders, minimum wage workers and more on why this is the critical fight of our era and what you can do about it.

Thank you to our distinguished panel of speakers!
Moderator: David Broder, President of SEIU Virginia 512
Senator Dave Marsden
Leah Taylor, minimum wage worker and mother
Jeff Connor-Naylor, The Commonwealth Institute
Kevin Pittman, President of Fairfax Deputy Sheriffs’ Union