Mitt Romney Chooses… Paul Ryan

The news is in: Mitt Romney has chosen his Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. We’d like to share some background on this individual to show you why he is just as unacceptable as Mitt Romney.
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Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Representative Paul Ryan introduced the “Path to Prosperity” budget proposal for 2012 that was universally rejected by the Democratic minority in the house before eventually dying in the Senate. It effectively called for the termination of Medicare, replacing it instead with a voucher program and consolidating six income brackets into two, giving less relief to middle class Americans.

Additionally, it called for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, as well as granting massive tax breaks for billionaires. Ryan’s vote in Congress aligned with President Bush’s policies ninety-four percent of the time, some of which led to the ever-expanding federal deficit, like the Bush tax cuts, Iraq War, and Medicare prescription-drug “benefit.” In addition to his record at the Congressional level, Ryan has no foreign policy experience, leaving room for even more doubt about his nomination.
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