Fairfax Democrats Support the Meals Tax

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Earlier this year, the members of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee passed a resolution in support of the meals tax and encourage citizens to vote in support of the referendum on the November 8th ballot. Click here to read more about how a meals tax would help fund our schools and infrastructure, preserving the great […]

August 2016 The Democrat Now Available

August 2016 Democrat  Cover Page

Escape the heat while sipping a refreshing libation and reading about important happenings in Virginia and national Democratic politics in the August issue of The Democrat! Read first-person accounts from the Philadelphia convention, from the perspectives of Hillary and Bernie delegates. Read one view of how Sanders supporters might be mobilized for the election. Read a review […]

July 2016 issue of The Democrat is now available.

July 2016 Democrat Cover

Didn’t make it to the Virginia Democratic convention in Richmond? Find out what it was like, from the perspectives of both a Clinton and a Sanders delegate. Photos, too. Find out how Labor Secretary (and possible Clinton VP pick) Thomas Perez has helped American workers. Read a review of the book Reign of Error, about […]

June 2016 The Democrat Now Available

The Democrat Cover June 2016

Where can you find out what goes into deciding how our schools are funded? How Fairfax Democrats feel about a proposed “Right to Work” constitutional amendment (and a Right to Work fantasy involving Milton Friedman)? Information about the June 18 state convention? How to help seniors register to vote? And what you need to know […]

Unity Celebration

Join us for an afternoon Unity Celebration at the home of Jessie and Luz Maria Heath. The event will be the first in a series of “Unity House Parties” this year that will in part benefit our Joint Campaign which is key to getting our candidates elected this year.  The program is critical to our […]