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Message from the Chair: Victory for Elaine Tholen

Message from the Chair August 20, 2021 I am pleased the special prosecutor and the court have swiftly rejected the petition to remove Elaine Tholen. Disagreements in matters of policy are not valid reasons for removal according to our law. Republican operatives are leading these so-called “bi-partisan” groups seeking to overturn the democratic election of our officials. The pandemic has caused a difficult situation for all of us, and our school board has done a

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Message from the Chair: Happy Independence Day!

Message from the Chair July 4, 2021 Independence Day has often been an opportunity for relaxation, enjoyment, and time spent with family and friends. But last year, amid a global pandemic, Americans were deprived of this opportunity. But thanks to President Biden’s vaccination drive and the Democratic leadership in Washington, Richmond, Fairfax, and across the country, we are excited to say that America is back. Today, our young country celebrates its 245th year, but at

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Press Release: FCDC Calls on BoS to Fire Kevin Davis and Reopen Search for Police Chief

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, May 26, 2021 Contact: Jack Kiraly, Executive Director (703) 791-9132 | FCDC Urges the Board of Supervisors to Terminate Kevin Davis’ Employment and Reopen the 2021 Fairfax County Police Chief Search Utilizing a Racial Equity Based Decision-making Framework FAIRFAX COUNTY – The Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) voted overwhelmingly yesterday to send the message that Kevin Davis is not the right person to lead our County’s Police Department. The mission

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Press Release: Affordable Housing Victory!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, May 4, 2021 Contact: Jack Kiraly, Executive Director (703) 791-9132 | FCDC Commends the Fairfax County Board for Reinstating the Penny for Affordable Housing President Biden’s American Rescue Plan Helps Fairfax County FAIRFAX COUNTY – Nothing is more fundamental to family stability and well-being than quality housing. President Biden’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) is paying immediate dividends in assisting Fairfax County in funding some of our county’s unfunded human services

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FCDC Chair’s Statement on the Death of Capitol Police Officer and Call on Fairfax Republicans to join in a moment of national unity

The following is a statement from Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) Chair Bryan Graham on the recent events in Washington, DC that have led to the death of five people, including a Fairfax County resident and Capitol Police Officer. Last night, it was announced that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died from wounds sustained while defending our Capitol Building. Officer Sicknick was a resident of Fairfax County, living in Springfield. Your Fairfax County Democratic Committee

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FCDC Chair’s Statement on the Insurrection Attempt at the U.S. Capitol

The following is a statement from FCDC Chair Bryan Graham: “Today, a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building in an attempt to overthrow our government. It is not surprising that the continued conspiracy theories and outright lies originating from Mr. Trump and his Republican allies have finally incited these illegal acts. I call on Republican organizations in Fairfax County and across Virginia to join us in condemning this act of terror. We

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Statement from FCDC Chair Bryan Graham on Election Results

Fairfax County and Virginia sent a message on Election Day, and we are proud that other communities across the country have joined us in embracing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the best people to lead this country forward. We made history in electing the first woman, first African American, and first Asian American to the Vice Presidency. Republicans and the President sadly continue their attack against voters. It is clear that they do not

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