Canvassing Weekend – Aaron Rouse for Virginia Senate – Sen. District 7 Special Election

January 8, 2023 all-day America/New York Timezone

Join a coalition of grassroots groups from the DC area heading down to Virginia Beach on Jan. 7-8, 2023 to flip a critical Virginia Senate seat which is highly winnable. This seat could well make the difference on whether we retain or lose women’s right to choose in Virginia in the upcoming legislative session! Read here for the many reasons why this special election is SO CRITICAL!

Aaron Rouse is a fantastic candidate! He has the experience having been on the Virginia Beach City Council for many years; he has the name and the popularity as he is a former NFL star; he has local community support big time – and he would bring more diversity to the Virginia Senate which still needs so much more of!

We will canvass out of the Dems Virginia Beach Headquarters on Jan 7-8. Senate District 7 includes a small section of Norfolk and the Western part of Virginia Beach, approx. 3.5-hour drive from DC. We plan to drive down on the morning of Saturday Jan 7 and canvass that day and again on Sunday, Jan 8. Obviously, feel free to come down on Friday, and/or to stay until Monday or Tuesday – and/or to canvass for one day only. Free volunteer housing is available for those who want it. Carpools are available. Use this form to indicate if you are a driver and can take passengers, or if you would like a ride in someone else’s car. Thank you!