Why are we changing the Bylaws?

  • At the July 2020 FCDC General Meeting, a recommendation to create caucuses was referred by the County Committee to a task force to be created by the County Chair.
  • With the creation of the Black Caucus, it seemed an appropriate time to evaluate whether any changes were necessary to differentiate caucuses from standing committees, and if the creation of caucuses should alter the composition of the FCDC Steering Committee?

How did we come up with the proposed changes?

  • The County Chair created a Task Force to recommend changes to the FCDC Bylaws related to the addition of Caucuses and the Composition of Steering.
  • This task force included representatives from each of the magisterial districts.

Summary of proposed changes:

  • Define a caucus as a group representing a core or unrepresented constituency, not organized around a specific issue or cause where each member of the caucus is entitled to their own vote;
  • Affirm that both voting and associate members of FCDC can be members of caucuses;
  • Require that caucuses and standing committees must have at least six meetings/events and members from at least four different districts over 12 months to be considered active;
  • Add caucus chairs to the Steering Committee, and further require that standing committees and caucuses be active to have a representative on Steering; committees.
  • Create a process where new caucuses and standing committees can be formed by a single affirmative vote from Steering and a single General meeting vote, rather than at two subsequent General meetings, while defining other requirements prior to creation;
  • Redefine the following existing standing committees as caucuses: 50+, Black Caucus, Labor, LGBTQA+, Veterans and Military Families, and Women’s Affairs;
  • Make various editorial changes to apply similar treatment to caucuses as standing committees; and
  • Clarifies that all committees and caucuses are entitled to have a representative attend Steering if the chair is not available.

Full Task Force Report and Bylaws Changes

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