April 10, 2023

Contact: Dominic Thompson, Executive Director

(703) 278-2768 |

FCDC Announces Registration Process and Candidates for Non-Partisan Endorsement Caucus

FAIRFAX COUNTY – For the first time, the Fairfax County Democratic Committee will be conducting an open endorsement caucus to select Democratic endorsees for the non-partisan races on the ballot this year. To vote in this caucus, voters are required to register with FCDC starting April 10th, 2023 at 10 a.m. Registration will continue until the deadline on May 5th. FCDC encourages Democratic voters throughout the county to sign up to join this process by going to:

Regarding the endorsement caucus, FCDC Chair Bryan Graham states “With our new endorsement process, the Fairfax County Democratic Committee is giving the choice on our endorsed candidates to the voters. This process will strengthen our candidates for non-partisan offices and our party as we work to elect Democratic candidates to every position on the ballot this year. I encourage Democratic voters throughout the county to register for our endorsement caucus by May 5th.”.

The following races will be voted on in the endorsement caucus:

  •  School Board
    • At-Large: Ilryong Moon, Lawrence Webb, Kyle McDaniel, Hamid Munir, Ryan McElveen
    • Hunter Mill District: Paul Thomas, Melanie Meren
    • Mt. Vernon District: Mateo Dunne, Harold Sims
  • Soil and Water: Chris Koerner, Mary Paulet, Rhonda Bitterli, Dana Barakat
The following candidates are not contested, and are officially now our endorsed candidates for this year:
  • School Board:
    • Braddock District: Rachna Sizemore Heizer
    • Dranesville District: Robyn Lady
    • Franconia District: Marcia St. John-Cunning
    • Mason District: Ricardy Anderson
    • Providence District: Karl Frisch
    • Springfield District: Sandy Anderson
    • Sully District: Seema Dixit
Voting for the endorsement caucus will begin with online voting on May 13th through May 20th. There will be an option for in-person voting on May 20th that will be announced to registered voters. FCDC encourages all Democratic voters in Fairfax County to join us in choosing our endorsed candidates for this November.
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