Wednesday, January 6, 2022

Contact: Jack Kiraly, Executive Director
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Fairfax County Democrats Chair Marks January 6th Anniversary

FAIRFAX – On the anniversary of the January 6th Attack on the United State Capitol, Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair Bryan Graham released the following statement:

“One year ago, the peaceful transfer of power in our country was threatened by a mob of insurrectionists, spurred by a bitter, defeated President, attacking the Capitol and leading to death and destruction. Our nation and its fragile democracy have been irreparably harmed by those Republicans who have and continue to champion the first “Big Lie”.

“Republican-led groups here in Fairfax County are trying to oust rightfully elected School Board members for balancing public safety with education under difficult circumstances. Similar recall efforts are launched against our elected Commonwealth’s Attorney while AG-Elect Miyares is posturing to usurp his power. These attempts must also fail.

“Republicans, not content with ignoring the will of voters, are leading at the forefront of the cult of ignorance ravaging our country. This ignorance and anti-intellectualism have led to the outright rejection of medical and scientific guidance during a pandemic. A majority of Republican voters today believe that the 2020 election was stolen. It was not.

“As we head into a Republican administration in our great Commonwealth, we see warning signs that even this new GOP leadership is perpetuating ignorance of fact and reality to score cheap political points with the fringe Right. Governor-Elect Youngkin continues to lie about the state of Virginia’s economy. He claims to not know if humans are responsible for climate change. He wants to pull Virginia from the carbon market. He has nominated a former coal lobbyist and Trump EPA administrator who pushes climate misinformation. He continues to push attacks on public education with plans to divert funding to private schools.

“We must continue to fight for our Democracy and our shared values. We must ensure that the rights of voters are not diminished. We must protect the vulnerable from ignorance and pestilence. We must do everything in our power to defeat the existential threat to our Democracy poised by the insurrectionists that have commandeered the GOP.

“I plead that we never forget the tragedy that befell our Republic on January 6th. Stay involved – stay informed – stay engaged. Vote in every election because our Democracy depends on it.”