Fairfax Democrats Support the Meals Tax

Earlier this year, the members of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee passed a resolution in support of the meals tax and encourage citizens to vote in support of the referendum on the November 8th ballot.

Click here to read more about how a meals tax would help fund our schools and infrastructure, preserving the great quality of life we enjoy here in Fairfax County.

Official information from the Fairfax County government website can be found here.

Meals tax resolution
(Approved by FCDC on May 24, 2016)

The Fairfax County Executive’s Fiscal Forecast for FY 2017 identified a need for increased revenue to support education as well as other county services and infrastructure. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has begun to look at alternative revenue streams.
Whereas, revenue diversification allows the county to move away from a reliance on property tax revenue.
Whereas, a meal tax would provide additional annual revenues of nearly $100 million dollars.
Whereas, these locally raised revenues remain in Fairfax County.
Whereas, a substantial portion of this taxation would be borne by nearly 30% of non-residents.
Whereas, many nearby localities already collect a meals tax.
Be it Resolved, that the Fairfax County Democratic Committee supports the county Board of Supervisors actions and encourages them to put a meals tax to referendum on the November 8 ballot to be decided by voters of Fairfax County.