Fairfax Democrats Endorse for School Board, NVSWCD

Fairfax Democrats Endorse Slate of Candidates for School Board
and Soil & Water Conservation District Director

May 27, 2015
At a well-attended meeting of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, members voted to endorse candidates for School Board At-Large, for District School Board Members, and for Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District Director.  We would like to congratulate the following candidates, who will receive FCDC’s endorsement and its full support going into the November General Election:
School Board At-Large
Ryan McElveen
Ted Velkoff
Ilryong Moon
District School Board Member
Braddock District – Megan McLaughlin
Hunter Mill District – Patricia Hynes
Dranesville District – Janie Strauss
Lee District – Tamara Derenak Kaufax
Mason District – Sandy Evans
Mt. Vernon District – Karen Corbett Sanders
Providence District – Dalia Palchik
Sully District – Karen Keys-Gamarra
Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District Director
George Lamb
Gerald Peters
The Fairfax Democrats would like to thank Stephen Blancq, Omar Fateh and Michele Menapace for bringing their enthusiasm and passion for Fairfax County Public Schools to the contest for the At-Large endorsement.  We look forward to their contributions on educational matters in the coming months and beyond this year’s election.
FCDC Members approved the use of Instant Runoff Voting. Special thanks go to the Task Force which drafted the rules for the endorsement process, to the Tellers who checked in voters and counted the ballots, and to the many members who participated.
Press inquiries can be directed to Communications Advisor Bruce Neilson 703-725-6929 bruce.neilson@cox.net or by calling (703) 573-6811.

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