July 2014 The Democrat

July 2014 The Democrat
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July 2014 Cover of The Democrat

  • Why Senator Kaine  believes innovative outside-the-box solutions can help tackle the costs of college education,
  • Why Delegate Bulova’s  states “despite setbacks, thanks to the Democratic leadership, the General Assembly was able to move many issues forward”,
  • Why Supervisor Hudgins believes that the need for alternative and multiple commuting modes of transportation is as critical today as it was in the 1920s, and
  • Why Supervisor Hyland believes that Fairfax County should put the meals tax on the ballot in 2016.

Download and read why Fairfax School Board Member Jane Strauss says the School Board’s vote to increase elementary instruction for students is a good change.  Read and respond to The Democrat’s column – Point/Counterpoint: The Meals Tax.  See why our FCDC Labor Committee is saying  labor is committed to immigrant rights. Read Part II of the FCDC’s National Affairs Committee’s series of national issues and questions of concern to Democrats.
Need to catch up on what the campaigns are doing?  Read about the 2014 Senatorial and Congressional candidates and their campaigns in the Campaign Trail Report. This and more in the July issue of The Democrat.
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