Become a Member of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee

This form will look up your address, and send you to the membership form for your district.

Step 1. Enter your home address in Fairfax County (e.g., 777 Lynn St, Herndon)

Step 2. Click on your desired Membership Type

Membership Type Differences
ALL Members (of either type) have the right to: address the membership of the County Committee and their District Committee, serve as a voting representative of their District Committee on a standing committee, and all other privileges and duties of membership of the County Committee. But, only Voting Members shall additionally have the right to introduce motions, vote on motions of the County Committee and District Committee, serve as officers of the County Committee or District Committee, and chair a standing committee. Voting Members are required to attend at least one County or District Committee meeting every 120 days.
*Membership Fee Waivers
If you are unable to pay the membership fee, follow the instructions after you complete the application to have the membership fee waived. Payment does not affect a member’s status or ability to participate in the decisions of our local Democratic Committee.

Having problems or want a printable Form?

Download the form for: Voting Membership | Associate Membership

Online form for: Voting Membership | Associate Membership

If you have any questions, contact us at (703) 573-6811 or email

Application Term: 2024-25
The Party Plan establishes membership for 2 year increments. Committees reorganize in December of odd numbered years and in the following January. Those joining now will be considered on a rolling basis. Applicants must be approved at their District Committee and the full County Committee meeting to be voted in as members of FCDC.

Who Can Join?
You must be a resident of Fairfax County and at least 13 years old. Members do not have to be registered voters. High school students who have been active, enthusiastic volunteers have been elected to FCDC membership.

How about volunteering? Want to make a difference? You don’t need to join to participate. Please contact us to let us know how you want to contribute your talents. Click here to volunteer.