Working Together To WIN the Majority

September 8, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm America/New York Timezone

We will talk all about how we need to work together to win the majority. Democrats love to say relational organizing is the key to how we organize ourselves to win elections. But what does that really look like in real time? What are the many ways to work together?

Collaboration between people, groups, organizations to share ideas, resources, tools helps candidates and committees that don’t have party support or tons of money.

We will feature the organization RED WINE & BLUE that excels in relational organizing. Program Director Penny Blue, Deputy Program Lara Bury and Organizer Andrea Monasterio will talk about what they are doing to build community to get out the vote and to combat book bans and other extreme MAGA attacks on Democracy.

We will feature two Power Packs; one is Coastal and the other is in Chesterfield County.

We will hear from Victoria Luevanos (SD20), Charlena Jones (HD100) and Cat Porterfield (HD99) who have joined forces to be their own support system in these red leaning coastal areas.

Chesterfield Power Pack — Natan McKenzie (SD12), Bilal Raychouni (HD 72), and Traci Franssen (School board Candidate) — on how they are collaborating to build a blue wave in Chesterfield.