Copy and paste the following email to encourage your Fairfax County Supervisor to support the Penny for Affordable Housing.

Before sending, make sure you…

  • Address the email correctly
  • Include the correct last name of your Supervisor in the salutation
  • Sign your name
  • Include your district name in your signature

District Supervisors' Email Addresses

Braddock – James Walkinshaw (D)
[email protected]

Hunter Mill – Walter Alcorn (D)
[email protected]

Dranesville – John Foust (D)
[email protected]

Lee – Rodney Lusk (D)
[email protected]

Mason – Penny Gross (D)
[email protected]

Mount Vernon – Dan Storck (D)
[email protected]

Providence – Dalia Palchik (D) [email protected]

Springfield – Pat Herrity (R)
[email protected]

Sully – Kathy Smith (D)
[email protected]

Don’t know your District Supervisor? Look up your district here.

TO: [Your District] @fairfaxcounty.gov , [email protected]

SUBJECT: Please invest in affordable housing


Dear Supervisor [Insert Supervisor Name] and Chairman McKay,

I’m writing to you as a constituent and concerned citizen. Fairfax County has a senior and affordable housing crisis. COVID has only highlighted the importance of ensuring all county residents have access to quality housing. 1 in 5 renters in Fairfax County spend 50 percent of their income on housing, requiring them to make difficult choices among what necessities they can afford. This is not sustainable and puts the future stability of Fairfax County at risk.

At the most recent meeting of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC), the membership overwhelmingly voted in favor of a resolution (fairfaxdemocrats.org/housingres) recommending that the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors reinstate the “Penny for Affordable Housing” to the FY22 Budget.

FCDC joins the call of non-profits and community groups like the Fairfax County NAACP, Coalition for Smarter Growth, FACETS, Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia, Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions, and New Virginia Majority who wrote a letter (fairfaxdemocrats.org/housingletter) last week to the Board supporting the reinstatement of the penny for affordable housing.

Reinstating the proposed Penny for Affordable Housing will yield a return not only in increased housing opportunities but also increased health and quality of life for our county residents. I encourage you to reinstate this policy.

[YOUR DISTRICT] District resident