Standing Committees

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Committee Chair/Vice Chair Email
50+ Terry Matlaga Bell [email protected]
The Blue View Charisse Espy Glassman
[email protected]
Central Communications Committee (C3) Greg Brandon [email protected]
Diversity Nelly Samaniego [email protected]
Education Debbie Kilpatrick [email protected]
Environmental Ken Sandler [email protected]
Finance Tina Barchik [email protected]
Headquarters Mary Tycz [email protected]
Labor Eddie Eitches [email protected]
LGBTQ+ Amber Beichler [email protected]
National Affairs Sandra Klassen [email protected]
Outreach Denver Supinger [email protected]
State & Local Affairs Nora Dell [email protected]
Technology Paul Berry [email protected]
Veterans and Military Families Shyamali Hauth [email protected]
Voter Registration & Education Janice Yohai [email protected]
Women’s Rights Holly Hazard [email protected]
Youth Affairs Tyler Begley [email protected]