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Sandra J. Klassen, National Affairs Committee Chair

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The National Affairs Committee 2018-2019


To facilitate the recruitment, election, and support of Democrats by effectively delivering and promoting national Democratic policy principles and positions, the FCDC National Affairs Committee (NAC) will:    

  1. Identify key national issues of concern;
  2. Research, analyze, develop and present Democratic policy recommendations for these issues;
  3. Inform and educate FCDC and other voters to engage their support for these positions, and, thereby, for Democrats and Democratic candidates.

Mission Implementation 

  1. Liaise with federal Democratic elected officials and candidates;
  2. Engage issue experts to inform, educate and raise awareness about national policy issues;
  3. Partner with other organizations and standing committees to advance mutual positions and objectives;
  4. Prepare and submit items for the Fairfax County Democratic Committee newsletter and website (position papers, articles, book reviews, flyers, etc.);
  5. Draft resolutions and proposals for FCDC to adopt;
  6. Conduct outreach to broaden our base of input on national issues;
  7. Research and report on the policy positions and voting records of Federal elected officials;
  8. Prepare and submit items to media editors and other organizations to disseminate our recommendations and messages;
  9. Employ other means as deemed useful.



Committee Members and Voting Breakdown