Friday Power Lunch: Living, Learning & Creating Change in Real Time

December 3, 2021 @ 12:00 pm America/New York Timezone
3539 Half Moon Circle
Network NOVA

The Friday Power Lunch is a weekly show amplifying the voices of the Virginia Grassroots on politics, culture, and making change with the BADASS women of Network NOVA.

This week we will welcome:

Josh Stanfield (Political Strategist) will give us an update on the federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of running this year’s House elections under a decade-old, Republican-gerrymandered map and what that means for 2022 elections.

One group that is looking to make change in 2022 is the Virginia Young Democrats. We’ll hear from three women on the Executive Committee who are ready to shake things up: Maureen Coffey (President), Denver Supinger (National Committee Representative) and Camila Alfonzo Meza (Latino Caucus).

Kay Fergusan (ARTivism Virginia) will tell us about the Violation Vigil Project, where over 15 groups have come together to bring awareness to the 350+ violations by the Mountain Valley Pipeline through visual and aural representations. This collective artivism campaign will culminate with a Violation Vigil in Richmond on December 11 at 1pm.

We will end the show with a conversation with Shannon Downey (Badass Cross Stitch). Shannon spent 2021 traveling the nation in an RV talking activism and bringing her brand of badass craftivism to towns across the country during the pandemic. Shannon will share her badassary observations as she embarks on her 2022 craftivism tour that kicks off in Richmond this weekend.