Caucuses of FCDC

Caucuses within the FCDC are organizations that are not organized around a specific cause or issue, but represent historically underrepresented constituencies that share inherent and/or immutable traits. You can find the next meeting of a Standing Committee by checking the FCDC Calendar.

Don’t see a Caucus that should exist? Email to inquire about creating a Caucus at the next FCDC meeting.

Terry Matlaga Bell

50+ Caucus

Terry Matlaga Bell

Asian & Pacific Islander (API) Caucus

Sabrina Mattin & Reggie Meneses

Kelly Hebron

Black Caucus

No Image Available

Labor Caucus

No Image Available

Latino Caucus

Position Created 1/11/2022

Amber Beichler

LGBTQA+ Caucus

Shyamali Hauth

Veterans & Military Families Caucus

Shyamali Roy Hauth

Kimberly Hayes Pollard

Women Caucus

Kimberly Hayes Pollard

Saehee Perez

Youth Caucus