2023 Endorsement


FCDC has made endorsements for Democratic candidates seeking election to the Fairfax County School Board and Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District Directors in the November 2023 General Election.


School Board, At-Large

Endorsed Candidates:

  • Ilryong Moon – 1615 votes (Succession 1 winner)
  • Ryan McElveen – 1535 votes (Succession 2 winner)
  • R. Kyle McDaniel – 1277 votes (Succession 3 winner)

School Board, Hunter Mill District

  • Melanie K. Meren – 646 votes (62.00%)
  • Paul Thomas – 396 votes (38.00%)

School Board, Mount Vernon District

  • Mateo Dunne – 438 votes (70.99%)
  • Harold E. Sims, Jr. –  179 votes (29.01%)

Endorsement Contests

The contest for Soil and Water Board has been canceled.

Candidate Mary Paulet has withdrawn. With only three candidates remaining, the contest is canceled and the candidates are endorsed.
This year, Democratic voters will set the Fairfax County Democratic Committee endorsement for School Board Members by participating in the endorsement caucus from May 13 to May 20.


  • At-Large Fairfax County School Board Members
  • At-Large Soil & Water Conservation District Directors

Supervisor Districts:

  • Hunter Mill
  • Mount Vernon
The contest for Soil & Water At-Large Directors has been canceled and the three remaining candidates are endorsed.

Meet the Candidates


At-Large School Board: At-Large Soil & Water Conservation District Directors:
  • Dana Barakat | Resume
  • Rhonda Bitterli | Resume
  • Chris Koerner | Resume
  • Mary Paulet (Withdrawn)



Only those who are registered to vote within these districts will be allowed to vote for these contests.

Hunter Mill School Board:

Mount Vernon School Board: