FCDC Limerick Contest Entries


Anne Chase 

There was an old president named Trump,
Who drove his country straight to the dump.
As people got sick,
He didn’t act quick.
And now we’re all in a slump.

Sherri Waas Shunfenthal 

Overweight Donald Trump sat right down on stump,
To eat supersized burgers and fries.
Along came our next president, Biden,
Who sat down beside him
And said, “I’m so sick of your lies!”

Trump then tried to get off his rump,
But he was too full of fries.
Trim Biden took over his house
For 8 solid years,
And Trump could no long rise!

William Berkson

America elected a con.
You know that his name is Don.
In the big white house,
He was a real louse.
And we just wanna see him gone.

Kathy Stewart

A St. Patrick’s Day tradition
Now’s likely the road to perdition!
A wee drink with a pal,
Though hearty and hale,
May later involve a physician.

Kathy Stewart

On the Whiskey Trail we wended
In search of a single, not a blended!
Wee drams we did quaff
Which seemed not enough,
Though, aye, we were splendidly bended!

Kathy Stewart 

They proved the naysayers wrong:
Tony, Stephen, Max and Juan.
They stayed in the fight
And finished it right.
World champs all along.