Stop the Trump-like attacks on our schools!

Fearing political extinction, the Republicans in Fairfax County are targeting our School Board candidates, and it’s getting nasty.  At recent board meetings and candidate forums, angry Republicans have yelled at our Democratic-endorsed candidates and members, making accusations with no basis in reality, all because they cannot stand the idea that we want every student to have an opportunity to succeed.  We can’t let them win.
The One Fairfax policy was unanimously approved by our Board of Supervisors with bipartisan support. In fact, Republican School Board members didn’t even vote against it. Unfortunately, the Fairfax GOP is lying to voters about this important policy, telling them it means school boundaries will be changed and students will be bused from one side of the county to the other.

Help us fight back against these lies by giving our candidates the support they need!

Republicans know they can’t beat Democrats fair and square in Fairfax County—they don’t have the votes. So this year they are counting on the fact that School Board candidates appear on the ballot without a party designation and hope voters will walk into the voting booth unaware of the GOP affiliation of their School Board candidates. They are also fear-mongering and spreading “Make Fairfax County Great Again” hatred in an attempt to mobilize their base. With your help, that won’t be enough for them to win.
We’ve got a plan. We’re mailing out information to every voter to highlight our endorsed candidates. We have volunteers at back to school nights and at every precinct to hand out Democratic sample ballots to help voters know which candidates share our values. But this effort is expensive. And we can’t do it without your help.

We fight for equality every day and we will not let this County take a giant step backwards.  Contribute today to help us fight back!

Dan Lagana

Chair, Fairfax Democrats