We are pleased to announce that a Federal Court has ordered Virginia’s voter registration deadline to be extended until midnight this Friday due to earlier problems arising from the online registration system.  If you know someone who still needs to register, please pass this along:
  • Register to vote online by 11:59pm Friday, October 21st (Requires a DMV customer ID number)
  • Update your voter registration online (by 11:59pm Friday October 21)
  • Check the status of your voter registration

Or, click here to download and print a Voter Registration Application.  As long as the application is delivered to the Office of Elections or postmarked on or before Friday, it will be accepted. (Place in an envelope, take it to the desk at the post office and ask that they postmark it.)
Send voter registration applications to:
General Registrar
12000 Government Center Parkway Suite 323
Fairfax, VA  22035
Office hours: until 7:00pm today, October 20th
8:00am to 4:30pm Friday October 21st
If you are from outside of Fairfax County, click here to find the registrar’s office for your locality or send the application to the address below:
Virginia Department of Elections
1100 Bank Street
Richmond, VA 23219
* Applications are accepted at any registrar in Virginia, regardless of locality.
Again, voter registration applications must be either submitted online by 11:59pm Friday, or postmarked Friday.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
– Fairfax Democrats
(703) 573-6811