FCDC Leadership Election Results

8500 Executive Park office building FCDC HQ
Congratulations to the winners of the FCDC elections!
FCDC Chair    Sue Langley
Vice Chair South    Dan Lagana
Vice Chair Central    Morgan Jameson
Vice Chair North    Jay Reddy
Vice Chair Precinct Operations    Susan Johnson
Vice Chair Technology    Bryan Graham
Vice Chair Voter Registration and Education    Janice Yohai
Vice Chair Finance    Chris Ambrose
Vice Chair Outreach    Rose Chu
Corresponding Secretary    Lola Quintela
Recording Secretary    Emilie Larson
Treasurer    Nadja Golding
Assistant Treasurer    Robert Tsien
We’d also like to thank Nancy Rice, Christopher Schäffer and Sue Rosenberg for taking on the challenge of running for office and for their commitment to continue their contributions to our success.
If you’re interested in seeing the breakdown of votes, click here to view the statement of results with the totals along the right hand column.  Only three offices were contested and the remaining candidates, being unopposed, were voted on by acclamation.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact FCDC Headquarters at (703) 573-6811 or email [email protected]