We Made History – Together!

Cesar del Aguila, FCDC Chair

It’s taken me a couple of days to sort out everything that has happened since Election Day. There are so many examples of how Fairfax County Democratic Committee members and volunteers rose to this challenge, how we demonstrated integrity and commitment to the voting process for everyone in Fairfax County. The FCDC is so much more than a collection of individuals focused on electing Democrats – we are a family of Democrats focused on ensuring the voice of the people – all people – are heard through their fundamental right to vote. I am so proud of all of you – yes, we built that!
As I visited precincts all over the county, there were both Democratic and Republican Election Chiefs who made it a point to compliment our volunteers. You were problem solvers, you kept people’s spirits up as they waited in long lines, and you competently handled the unexpected. I am so proud of how you represented our party, our FCDC committee and our President.
This campaign took a toll on us – and our families. So much hung in the balance: the media constantly hammered on how Virginia could win or lose the election for President Obama. We woke up every day knowing that what happened in Northern Virginia – in Fairfax County – could decide whether or not he would be a one term president. I watched you over these last months, weeks and days rise to the challenge and responsibility placed on us to get the president re-elected and to ensure Tim Kaine would have a place in the U.S. Senate. We had a responsibility to Gerry Connolly, Jim Moran and Kristin Cabral that we shouldered and carried right up until the polls closed on Tuesday night.
The watch party brought out hundreds of people who talked about what an incredible experience this campaign had been. You could feel the energy, the heightened emotions and the love in the room as we watched the returns come in together. We made it happen. And the next day as volunteers showed up for the counting of the provisional ballots at the Government Center, I was struck by the depth of commitment we have to seeing this process through to the very end.
I am both proud and humbled to be the Chairman of the FCDC. The responsibility was something I was prepared for; the joy and pride I experienced working with all of you washed over me yesterday like a tidal wave. I will remember always what we did together and I thank you for everything you did for your community, county, commonwealth and your country in 2012.

Cesar del Aguila
Chair, Fairfax County Democrats