Fairfax Democrats Victorious over Board of Elections

November 3, 2012
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Fairfax Democrats Victorious over Board of Elections
Judge upholds rights of voter advocates

FALLS CHURCH – Freedom was upheld and the voters of Fairfax won a great victory Friday evening in Fairfax Circuit Court Chief Judge Dennis J. Smith’s courtroom. Despite being outnumbered four to one, the Fairfax Democrats’ lawyer extracted a public admission from the Republican General Register Cameron Quinn that she cannot silence the long-standing Fairfax Democrats’ Voter Protection Program, nor can she command Democratic Voter Advocates on Election Day to sit in a corner and not move. Further, Chief Judge Smith ruled that there is no basis for the State Board of Elections’ assertions that precinct chiefs are free to arbitrarily and capriciously order Democratic Voter Advocates to stay in their assigned seat. Chief Judge Smith cleared his calendar for Election Day so that he personally can quickly address any lingering issues that might arise.
“This is a great victory for democracy,” said Fairfax Democrats Chairman Cesar del Aguila. “This unprecedented attempt by the Fairfax Registrar and the Republican-controlled Board of Elections to neuter our Voter Advocates by restricting their ability to help citizens exercise their fundamental right to vote has been defeated.”
Del Aguila continued, “We do not anticipate any issues, however, Chief Judge Smith will be available on Election Day and made clear he is ready to act quickly to end any voter suppression shenanigans.”
Fairfax Democrats are dedicated to protecting your voice and your right to vote even if you speak a different language. If you experience any difficulties casting your vote on Election Day, call 703-573-6811.

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