FCDC Collects Goods for Troops in Afghanistan

Jim Moran with Troops in Afghanistan

Dan Duckwitz on Jim’s left, worked a full-time, internship at the Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) in the summer of 2008, and now serves in Afghanistan with the 374th Financial Management Company.

FCDC has adopted Dan’s company and are collecting donations to send care packages to help support the troops. Find out how you can help:

The items listed below have been identified by Dan’s company as difficult to obtain through available channels. In addition to these items below, we request contributions for postage.

  • Peanuts, Almonds in single serving sizes
  • Beef Jerky, Slim Jims
  • Candy, Gum, Tic-Tacs, Life Savers, mints (nothing that will melt)
  • Popcorn (microwavable packages)
  • Powdered drinks (such as crystal light, propel etc.)
  • Coffee (ground) and Tea Bags
  • White socks with no logos for physical training
  • Personal Hygiene items and Toiletries for both men and women
  • Books, magazines, and DVDs (entertainment items)
  • Also the sand colored t-shirts sold at PX facilities state side are impossible to
    get in Afghanistan.  They can use some medium, mostly large, and a few
    X-large sizes in these t-shirts.  Click Here for website and please ship to FCDC.

Please help support the troops and bring your donations to the FCDC office in Falls Church

Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC)
2815 Hartland Road, Suite 110, Falls Church VA 22043
or to a collection site at Democratic Party events in Fairfax County.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

For more information, contact Bruce Neilson at
[email protected]  or 703-725-6929