Yard Sign Clean Up and Recycling

Now that campaign season is over for this cycle we need to be good stewards and help our candidates one more time by clearing the roadways of political signs.? The cardboard or plastic portion of the signs can usually be recycled in your home bin our at any place that takes cardboard and plastic.
The metal wire frames can be recycled anywhere that excepts scrap metal.

  • Davis Industries Inc.
    9920 Richmond Hwy., Lorton, VA
    (703) 550-7402
  • I-95 Landfill Complex
    9850 Furnace Rd., Lorton, VA
    703-690-1703, TTY 711
  • I-66 Transfer Station Complex
    4618 West Ox Rd., Fairfax, VA
    703-631-1179, TTY 711

You can get more information here, http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpwes/trash/dispsites.htm