Resignation Message from Previous FCDC Chair Scott Surovell

Today I am writing to you with a heavy heart. In January 2008, the members of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee honored me by electing me Chairman for a two-year term. I have tried to match the trust you placed in me by fulfilling the promises my team made to improve the FCDC and we have worked to make it the best Democratic Committee in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
However, about ten days ago, Delegate Kris Amundson called to inform me that she would not be running for re-election this November. Aside from my college and law school hiatuses, I have spent 34 out of the almost 38 years of my life living in the 44th District. From this experience, I have seen how the Virginia House of Delegates has not served the people of Virginia justly and needs to change. After consulting with my wife and family, I have decided to resign as Chair of FCDC to take on this opportunity as candidate for Delegate. Vice-Chair Central Lola Quintela will serve as Interim Chair pursuant to our bylaws until the next FCDC Meeting on July 28, 2009.
Part of what allows me to do this is that I know that I am leaving FCDC in good hands. When I was elected in January 2008, I said that the team that stood for election was a team I would go to war with — I meant it. We proposed a budget and a business plan. Many said our fundraising goals were too optimistic; that the changes we hoped to implement were unrealistic. Some claimed that FCDC could not absorb the change we hoped to accomplish, and that we were setting ourselves up for failure. We proved them wrong, as we shattered our fundraising goals and set new records. We now have an Executive Director who can provide stability during leadership transitions. Furthermore, we have recruited 18 interns, enlarged our email list from 800 to 39,000, dropped mountains of literature, and most importantly, we have expanded our capacity to provide support to campaigns looking to elect Democrats in Fairfax County. Our hard work did not go unnoticed: FCDC was chosen as the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Class One Committee of the Year for 2008.
This year, we adopted a new budget and a business plan. As of today, we have raised nearly 50% of our budgeted revenues for the year and hired organizers as we prepare for the final push. The plan is written. The officers are ready to execute. All they need is your support so they can achieve FCDC’s goals.
I look forward to serving you all in my new role as a candidate as I work to earn the trust of the voters in my home in Mt. Vernon. Feel free to visit my website at to stay informed or to help out.
It has been an honor to serve as your Chairman. I have met many new people from all over the County who I never would have met without this opportunity. Fairfax County is a wonderful, thriving, and diverse place. Although we are the biggest jurisdiction in the Commonwealth, we can only harness the potential power when we work together as a team. Thank you again for entrusting me with FCDC and I hope to see all of you in the future. Please stay in touch.
Scott Surovell
Previous FCDC Chair