A Message from the Interim Chair

Fellow Democrats,
How many times have you told yourself, coming home from work late in the evening on a Friday, “What a week!”? I guess today we can all say a collective, “What a week!”
Delegate Kris Amundson?s decision not to seek reelection triggered a series of events that directly affected the FCDC family. Scott stepped down from the Chairmanship to start a new and exciting endeavor and we will miss him. A lot. Fortunately, FCDC?s bench is deep. We have talented, committed, and passionate Democrats ready to take on the baton for the next leg of the journey. With everybody?s help we will turn the HoD blue this November and we will keep the Governor?s Mansion.
There will be a few more changes still to come as we elect a new Chair on July 28. But I am confident that the institution will emerge as strong and effective as ever, ready to push forward the agenda that the Blue Team promised to implement when it was elected in January of last year. Since Scott?s resignation last Wednesday, the Steering Committee has met to approve a call for caucus, we have purchased new computers for the office, as called for in the business plan, and we are close to hiring all the organizers for our Red to Blue campaign. We are not slowing down!
Thank you for your help, support and understanding during this transition. Now, let?s keep our eyes on the prize, roll up our sleeves and get some good Democrats elected. Let´s make Scott proud.
Lola Quintela
Interim Chair, FCDC