FCDC Absentee Ballot Program Gets GOP's Attention

For years now, Rick and Burma Bochner have diligently given up hours and hours of their time focusing on Fairfax County’s Absentee Ballots.  If you have never seen this program in action, Rick and Burma, get daily lists of absentee ballot applicants from the Registrar and mail out candidate information so the absentee voters can make an informed decision.  It’s an invalable service.
Does it work?  Check out this complaint from a Republican blogger.

I’ll be out of town, so I requested an absentee ballot, which came in the mail yesterday. That same day, I got a hand addressed piece of AB Chase mail from the Fairfax County Democrats, along with one anti-Herrity mailer from the DPV and mail from a third party candidate running on a platform of low taxes.
What’s wrong with this picture? Two mail pieces from Democrats, one a hand-addressed AB chase piece. One from an independent low-tax candidate, who for all I know, could be a Republican (we don’t have party listed on our ballots for county offices — causing confusion if you don’t have a sample ballot from your county committee).
Why do I get more Democratic mail than Republican mail?

This program works and FCDC is honored to benefit from the Bochners’ tireless efforts.