The GOP Is Playing Hardball, Are You?

The Democratic Party has seen a lot of success in Fairfax County over the last 5 years.  Are the Republicans taking it lying down?  Consider the evidence.
The Fairfax County Republican Committee put up these signs last night.  Of course most voters won’t be dumb enough to blame Sharon Bulova for a revenue shortfall caused the Second Bush Recession (the First Bush Recession was 1990-92), and the collapse of the housing market but these signs aren’t aimed at most voters who are not going to vote anyway – they are aimed at motivating the anti-tax, ultra-conservative Republican base.

We’ve heard reports that Bob McDonnell has paid canvassers on the ground.
Pat Herrity has raised $164,000 since 1/1/09 (here and here).
The same thing happened in the special election we just had in the 46th House of Delegates seat two weeks ago.  The Republicans dropped a ton of money and effort into the race in the last two weeks and we won a 72% performing Democratic seat by 16 votes with the absentee votes going 76%-24% Republican.
The Republicans are looking to kill our momentum for November.   They are looking to energize their base.  They are trying to convince everyone that the voters still actually support their bankrupt agenda.
It’s time to get up and work folks.