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Campaign Offices
Campaign Staff Contacts
Why Volunteer?
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Campaign Offices

Central Fairfax County Headquarters
11198 Lee Hwy Suite D3
Fairfax, VA 22030 (map) (703) 328-2457

East Fairfax County Headquarters
7777 Leesburg Pike Suite 104N
Falls Church, VA 22043 (map) (571) 474-7193

North Fairfax County Headquarters
1635 Washington Plaza North
Reston, VA 20190 (map) (510) 406-9325

LuAnn Bennett for Congress (10th District)
Headquarters 6888 Elm Street Suite 1C
McLean, VA  22101  (map)

South Fairfax County Headquarters
6452 Landsdowne Centre Dr.
Alexandria, VA 22315 (map) (805) 708-6688

West Fairfax County Headquarters
Open on weekends only
14260-M Centreville Square
Centreville, VA  20121 (map)

Locations outside of Fairfax County
6035 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22205 (map) (904) 571-4042
9548 Surveyor Ct. Manassas, VA 20110 (map) (703) 789-7729
4349 Ridgewood Center Dr. #102 Woodbridge, VA 22192 (map) (703) 730-1409
13592 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Woodbridge, VA 22191 (map)
6 Pigeon Hill Dr. Suite 230 Sterling, VA  20165 (map)
3543 West Braddock Road, Alexandria, VA  22302 (map) (919) 609-1093
101 Loudoun Street SE Leesburg, VA 20175 (map) (718) 866-5024


Fairfax County Supervisor Districts

Coordinated Campaign Staff

Contact your local Field Organizer to get involved!  Organizers are based out of local Supervisor Districts (see map at right).

North Fairfax Regional Organizing Director: Benjy Mercer-Golden

Dranesville District

Hunter Mill District

Sully District

Central Fairfax Organizing Director: Ben Ernst

Braddock District

Springfield District

South Fairfax Regional Organizing Director: Tess Rabin

Lee District

Mount Vernon District

East Fairfax Regional Organizing Director: Michael Deininger-Bell

Mason District

Providence District


Congressional Campaigns

As more information becomes available, we will post it here.

Don Beyer for Congress (8th District)

LuAnn Bennett for Congress (10th District)
Headquarters 6888 Elm Street Suite 1C
McLean, VA  22101  (map)

Gerry Connolly for Congress (11th District)
11200 Lee Hwy #C2, Fairfax, VA 22030 (map)

Loudoun County Coordinated Campaign Office
6 Pigeon Hill Dr. Suite 230
Sterling, VA  20165 (map)


Volunteer at an Event:  Click here to view a listing of upcoming Democratic Activities
Many of the events can use volunteers.  Most are supervised by an affiliated organization such as a campaign.  If you need assistance contacting the organizer, contact us.

FCDC Headquarters open 10am-4pm Mon-Fri.  Contact us at (703) 573-6811.
8500 Executive Park Ave.
Suite 402
Fairfax, VA  22031
(703) 573-6811


Why Volunteer?

Volunteers are the backbone of our Democracy.  Virginia has elections every year and each year the Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) registers new voters, organizes more than 240 precincts, protects people’s Right to Vote, supplies campaigns with important resources, sponsors an internship program with dozens of young people, makes sure our voters know who is on the ballot, how they stand on the issues, where to vote, how to vote absentee, and we get our voters out to vote on Election Days.

FCDC also has a headquarters office in the middle of the County and your contributions pay for the rent, utilities and office supplies so we can help get Democrats elected.  That’s how we win. That’s how we move Fairfax County forward and your contributions of time and money help make that happen. Please fill out our volunteer sign up form and we will make sure your time and effort are put to good use.

Click the box above for our Volunteer signup form where you can select from activities you may be interested in.


Letters to the Editor

Be Heard! Write a Letter To the Editor. If it’s important to you, write a letter to the editors of your local newspapers.  Your voice will be heard, and may even be published. Democrats have always supported a free and independent press.  It is the privilege of citizenship to express oneself freely and openly.Choose your paper, click and send the letter. It’s that easy! We’ve included newspapers that take email letter submissions. If you have corrections and/or suggestions for other local newspapers / media, please contact us.

  • most effective and are likely to be published when limited to one or two strong points
  • keep letters short, between 200 and 250 words (300 max)
  • mention the main reason you are writing at the beginning of your letter, preferably in the first sentence
  • letters must include your home and/or business telephone number and address
  • compose in word processing first: spell check, word count