2015 Elections

What’s on the ballot this year? Who is running? When do I vote? While the national attention may be on the 2016 Presidential race, here in Virginia we will be electing our state and local officials this November 3rd. As a service provided by the Fairfax County Democrats, we inform voters about campaign activity and […]

April Issue of The Democrat

Download and read the April 2015 issue of The Democrat Find out why Mt. Vernon Supervisor Gerry Hyland said, “In my 28 years as Mount Vernon District Supervisor, nothing has been more controversial.” Discover what caused Congressman Gerry Connolly to say, “…as a member of Congress, I’m not interested in arguing the facts, I’m interested in doing […]

Countywide Caucus Cancelled, 3 Candidates Nominated

Bulova Lawton Kincaid

With only one candidate each filing for the offices of Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Sheriff and Clerk of Court, the May 26th Democratic Caucus is hereby cancelled and the following candidates are declared our Democratic nominees: Chairman Sharon Bulova Sheriff Stacey Kincaid Bettina Lawton for Clerk of Court Congratulations to our nominees!  Bulova, […]

March 2015 The Democrat

Download and read the March 2015 issue of The Democrat. Find out why State Senator Richard Saslaw thought this year’s budget process in Richmond went smoothly. Discover what got funded that may have been neglected in past years. Read about Freshman Delegate Kathleen Murphy’s first year in the House and find out how she felt when […]

February 2015 The Democrat

Download and read the February 2015 issue of The Democrat. Find out which FCDC member is celebrating 50 years of FCDC activism. Read about the retirement of two prominent elected officials. Get up-to-date with State Senators Saslaw and Howell’s Report from Richmond. Missed the last general membership FCDC meeting? Read about the climate control resolution that was approved at the […]