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last update 04.12.2016

Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) Headquarters
8500 Executive Park Ave.
Suite 402
Fairfax, VA  22031 (map)
703.573.6811 tel

Our FCDC Headquarters is staffed Monday through Friday from 10-4.

Executive Director
Frank Anderson
Office 703.573.6811

Steering Committee

FCDC Chair Sue Langley

FCDC Officers

Regional Vice Chairs

Vice Chairs

Magisterial (Supervisor) District Chairs:
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Standing Committee Chairs

Congressional District Representatives

Other FCDC Positions

  • Parliamentarian Bob Mansker
  • Communications Advisor Bruce Neilson
  • Counsel Carrie Nixon
  • FCDC Webmaster (and DPVA Secretary) Steve Bunn
  • VAN Administrator Susan Johnson
  • DPVA Small Business Caucus Chair Robert Haley

Other Key Contact Information

  • Fairfax Young Democrats  Paul Davis
  • State Chair, Democratic Party of Virginia Susan Swecker
  • Democratic Party of Virginia 800.322.1144 tel  |  804.343.3642 fax
  • White House 202.456.1111
  • US Senate and House 202.224.3121
  • DNC 202.863.8000